Repeat sentence - words change their level

When you’re in sentence mode, there is a function to repeat the sentence to practice it. If you do that, the words/lingqs you practice change their level. Is it possible to switch of that the words/lingqs change their level? I would like to repeat them and change the level by myself, because I feel I’m learning the words slower than they’re changing the level.

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It’s not possible to disable that option. Words status increase automatically +1 when you guess it correctly twice in a row,

Yes. I find this frustrating when reviewing words. Sometimes, in multiple choice mode, I do a good job of [only] guessing the word, but don’t feel I know it well enough to move the word to a higher level. So I usually just make sure the status bar is visible and move the status down one (or two) level(s) knowing that two correct answers for it in review mode move it up.