Repeat and download audio on iphone lingq

You really need to create a repeat or download button for the iLingq, its annoying to have to press the play button every 1 minute when I want to hear the same audio again.


That’s an interesting suggestion Milan. Probably more of an issue with the shorter lessons. I recommend downloading the audio to your ipod and listening to it through your itunes player if you want to listen repeatedly.

Mark is right. Moreover, if you download the audio files to your mp3 reader, you can listen to them while using another app. And, if you have iTunes, you can also copy the text of the lesson and paste it in the “Text” field of each audio file, so that you can also read while listening. Maybe iLingQ will support multitasking too, one day…

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Well I have a jailbreak iphone. So yesterday, I added a safari downloader plugin and download the mp3 now and listen in the background through iFile.

Thanks for the suggestions.

The app goodreader allows for downloading of mp3 files, as well as doing a ton of other cool things. It can open zip files (I’ve downloaded zipped up subtitle files <.srt>and opened them as .txt to read’em),it also has wonderful pdf support. I think its free, if not it is cheap.

@milanmaras - We just got a new version of iLingQ approved and in the app store. There is now a repeat setting that will allow all audio files to loop continuously. Thanks Arsenius for doing this for us!

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