Repair streak not working after importing lesson

Hello everyone,
Yesterday I did’t find the time to work on my German lessons, and today before opening the app I imported a lesson via app. Upon finishing the lesson and retuning to the main screen I was presented with the repair streak pop up, but after cliking on repair the screen was loading forever and nothing happened.
Now I lost my streak and would like to have it repaired.


Thanks, we will look into it. I fixed your streak.

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Hello Zoran,
It happened again, could you fix it?
I think it is a bug in the app. Here are the steps to reproduce

  1. Go one day without reaching your daily goal
  2. Next day reach your goal by importing a lesson and completing it
  3. Go to homepage, you are prompted to repair your streak, but since you already completed that day’s goal, your streak is overwritten and is set to 1 day.
    If you click to repair it says thst your streak is not broken.

Could you fix this please,

Hi Victor, our tech team is checking on it and will let you know when hearing back from them.

Hello there, just want to let you know that our tech team is working on it. =)