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I see only an old thread about this: I cannot reorder my playlists. Not in the browser app, nor the iOS apps on either phone or on the iPad. How do I do it? Ordering helps make sense of the list. Often it’s critical.

Just click and hold, then drag the track on the symbol at the right.

Clicking and holding does not do anything and does not result in the ability to drag anything. Unfortunately.

Referring to iOS app

I have the same problem.

I reorder mine using my computer (I have never tried on the app) the 3 lines on the right side of each lesson, click on them then WHILE HOLDING the button down drag the lesson to where you want it (If it is a long move you will have to repeat for each screen until you get there). I have had some days where it just wasn’t working for me, but normally it works fine.

On the IOS app, tap on the three dots at the top right on the Playlist page, then tap EDIT, and on the Edit Playlist screen you can change the tracks order by dragging them.

I can edit the order in the browser app on my MacBook, but not iOS: once you get to the EDIT dialog, the only option is to delete the playlist as seen here:

For me it works in the browser only if the handles appear (highlighted in the screenshot). There have been times when only one handle appears next to only one track and then I can’t reorder anything. Here there’s a handle by every track.

The only time I have not had the “handles” as you called them is on the one lesson I uploaded- the lessons that I have not actually read through/ listened to don’t have them- but as I complete each lesson they become available to move (they were all entered into the playlist together so not an issue at the moment).

When only one handle appears next to one track (in situation when you have a list of lessons, which you described here), it means that you added entire course into playlist* and reordering doesn’t work within course (it is expected and implemented this way).
*View Course - three dots - Add to playlist option
Reordering works:

  • when you have added 2+ courses, so you may reorder positions of courses, let’s say put Course A above Course B or vice versa.
  • if you added lessons separately into playlist, you may reorder them as you want and in this case you will see several handles next to each track.
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