Removing lessons has broken the LingQ site for me

Removing lessons has broken the LingQ site for me

To give more background. My goal was to clean up my lessons list a bit and hide a couple of the easiest lessons in one of the courses I’m following so that I have less scrolling to do.

New UI experience: First attempt was to click the trashcan icon next to the lesson. A pop up appeared asking me if I was really sure, I clicked “Remove”…several times…nothing happened, button doesn’t appear to do anything :slight_smile:

Previous UI experience: I then switched to the previous (“Classic”) UI and did the same thing there, went to the course, and then clicked the “Delete” button next to the lesson I wanted to remove/hide because I was done with it. Again the pop up appeared, and again I clicked “Yes I’m sure, please remove”. This time the lesson did appear to disappear from the Classic UI page I was at.

After that however I am unable to load the new LingQ UI pages, I only get a blank page with the “Enjoy the new Media articles” banner on top. It seems that removing lessons breaks the scripts and thus crashes the load page workflow, giving me an empty page with no error message.

Please advice on how I can get LingQ to a working state again so I can keep using it, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Tomsu,
I am sorry to hear that. Which browser are you using?

I have tried Internet Explorer 11, Edge, and Chrome. It is not a browser issue, the page load breaks on the server side.

The issue is related to me “deleting” lessons from a course. I suspect the site allowed me to do something I should not have been allowed to (or some functionality was changed which breaks that workflow), which breaks the site for my user, “tomsu”.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have, but I suspect we will need the help from someone who can restore the data integrity for my user in your database(s) :slight_smile:

In case it helps, this is what I see (after I have logged in with my user):

I appreciate your help with this!

Hi tomsu,
Please contact us on support(at) and I will provide further instructions there. Thanks!