Remove space between words in Japanese

Hi, I would like to remove spaces between words in Japanese, as they normally don’t exist in this language. It seems I can’t avoid them on mobile phone (Android) even in advanced level texts. Those spaces are also included in flashcards, so 受験生 is considered as false (I’m supposed to input 受験 生, even if it is a single unit of meaning and no Japanese would add a space here). That is somewhat irritating. Is there any solution ? Thanks for your help.


Totally agree.


Moreover, I realised this morning that some pronunciations become wrong because some spaces separate kanji from their okurigana, so the kanji is read alone in the wrong way. It’s a pity that such a good learning system has such a failure. It seems like people studying Japanese or Chinese have been asking to correct this for years…


We hope to implement that on Android app too in the upcoming update. At the moment “show spaces between words” can be disabled on the web version only.

I saw the same promise in a comment published 2 or 3 years ago. Not very encouraging. And even in the web version, it doesn’t work correctly. Spaces are not shown but still present. For example, even if it is one single verb, there is a hidden space in 吼 えた between 吼 and えた. This hidden space appears if you copy and paste the word. Because of this space, the word has a wrong pronunciation when you click on it. The flashcard is also wrong. Not only your system introduce unexistent spaces between words, but it introduces spaces inside words (especially verbs, composed of kanji and okurigana). I can’t see the reason of such a choice, even for beginners.


It’s almost like talking to politicians sometimes. :sweat_smile: When will the update be implemented? We have been taking about this for years and now it’s almost another year. If you’re not going to implement this just say so. Also it would be nice to be able to correct incorrectly divided words.

I am sorry, new version took longer than expected, but it’s almost done. A few weeks and will be released.


Thank you for the update, Zoran!

Do we have any screenshots of what it will look like?