Remove a lesson that failed to import

Is there a way to remove lessons from the feed?

Some time ago I tried to import something, but it failed or the text doesn’t exist anymore. Somehow it’s pinned and always shows up as the first suggested lesson. When I click anywhere on it, Lingq tries to import it but fails. How can I get rid of it?

Another related issue: Can I remove lessons from the recommendations that I’m not interested in? I’m learning Hebrew and there are quite a lot of biblical texts.

All your imports are listed under My Lessons tab on the home page. You can adjust the sorting to Newly Imported if that help you to find your recent imports easier. From there you can remove your imports.

Under the settings button (gear icon) on the home page, you can edit your interests (LIBRARY TOPICS) which should improve lessons showed/recommended to you.

Thank you, Zoran!

The broken lesson is not in “My Lessons” even though it says “You liked and imported this lesson”. It shows me the option “Add to your lessons”, but when I click on it it tries to import it and fails. That’s what happens when I click anywhere on the lesson.

It also has a tack symbol, so it is pinned somehow…

Is there a helpdesk I can contact for such a technical problem?

Try to access your imports and remove them directly from this page: