Releasing New Languages Prior to 5.0

I understand that you are frustrated, but we won’t be adding new languages before LingQ 5.0 is released.
As mentioned several times on the forum, we are doing the best and fastest we can. The truth is, all new languages we add get very little usage and do not cover the costs of us adding them. We add them as a gesture of goodwill for the community. So you need to understand why adding new languages is lower on the priority list compared to other things we are working on.

We will add more languages, and we do already have long list of new languages we are working on and gathering content for, but it needs to wait a bit more.

when will this realistically happen? it may seem like a child repeatedly asking “are we there yet?” but as another commenter pointed out it was originally said to be summer 2020, i get that there can be issues and delays but a timeframe would be nice

Please consider adding the Amharic language. I work in psychiatric hospital, and I need it to work with the children of many immigrants in our country who speak this language, and there is almost nowhere to learn this language online.

there is a colloquial course, i havent used that book but that series has books of varying quality, none of which to my knowledge are useless. they can range quite a bit from the levantine arabic (worst ive used) to swahili (excellent book), they can be quite pricey but you can check your library or if you order from the publishers website ( you can just google for coupons and get 30 percent off. theres also a FSI course which you can get for free online.

The sad part is no matter when you say they will be released I cannot believe it. I have emails from you stating Summer 2020, Jan/Feb 2021, and Summer 2021 and now you say you will release new languages “as a gesture of goodwill for the community”. You have lost sight of your customer. I am not part of some community, I am a paying customer. While I do appreciate the mechanism the site provides to learn a language there are other resources available that still provide the customer value without a year and a half of delays and lies. While I don’t believe it to be true, you may very well take an initial loss on the investment in new languages. If that is the case don’t promise them. Your company has significant issues that need to be addressed.

So realistically YOU need to understand why you are losing me as a customer because I do not need to understand why you lying about the release of new language for 18+ months is acceptable.

@ricedj1 At the moment we have 37 languages available on the site. That’s a significant number. Over the last 2 years, we added a lot of new languages.
And again, we will add more languages, but at the moment we are focused on other stuff that we consider as more important to a majority of users.

Hi Zoran! Maybe it would help to explain the connection of releasing the new languages and working on the new Lingq version. In what way would releasing the new languages under the old version stop or delaying your work on 5.0? I am having troubles to understand why you don’t do the easy thing, that the community is actually asking for first and then take all the time in the world to work on the hard thing, that you are struggling.

You really created a beautiful site that attracts serious language learners. The people on here will all be more interested in the languages than in the software. We will read the languages we are interested in no matter what the interface looks like so if your group of paying customers is telling you every other day for over a year that their priorities are not the same as yours than maybe it is time for a course correction.

I understand that you currently don’t want to put any work into the creation of new language slots but I just cannot think of any reason to withhold the content, that is already there and is just waiting for release.

I don’t work for LingQ but I do do a lot of software development and I would guess that each language requires quite a bit of developer time.

There will certainly be some developer time just to add the languages. They have to setup the various online dictionaries for example. They also presumably don’t just want to make the language available but it has to actually work which at minimum requires developer time to test everything. Then how long it takes to actually get it to work will be unpredictable since various languages might cause various problems that although small might each take a few hours to fix.

Even after all this is done, any additional functionality like this has continuous overhead. Changes to the reading interface for example could require testing in each of the languages. For example, things can break in the new language that requires a bit of time to fix and such a fix might trigger the need to test stuff again in all the other languages.

Surely a premium pay site does things to keep their customers happy and not as a charity gesture? Will the new languages come out before the end of the year as stated previously; a yes or no would be appreciated.

Hi Zoran,

Can we nail down an accurate date or timeframe?

Are we talking about 2022 January, February, March?

A little bit of certainty will likely assuage the frustration many LingQ customers feel regarding this issue.


I don’t have an accurate timeframe, sorry.

Okay, that’s disappointing.

As an intermediate step, how about allowing payed LingQ subscribers to vote for a new language (out of a list of languages ready to go) and then release the one or two with the highest vote count?

This will go someway to restoring LingQ’s reputation with its paying customers and reduce the number of complaints you receive about this issue.

Kind Regards

I got a message that 5.0 is on now. But I still can’t see Icleandic. Or is it because I am using the desktop version and not my phone

The reason you don’t see iceleandic is that this language (nor any other “new” one) hasn’t been added yet. The languages are not directly tied to the 5.0 version. The idea is: They focus their ressources on completely redesigning the mobile apps (iOS is released already, android should come this week iirc) and the website (should be released in the next few weeks). When all this is released there surely will be a time period of several weeks where they will focus on fixing bugs etc. After that they’ll probably think about adding new languages (where the material aka mini stories is already ready). So yeah, the delays amount to years by now but I guess it will take another few months before we see new languages. On the bright side, after years of waiting we finally see progress with the already done and upcoming releases of version 5.

My phone says that the latest version is 4.9.22 and that my app is up-to-date. Is it only the desktop access that’s been updated?

Maybe the timeline is different for the different phone systems?