Releasing New Languages Prior to 5.0

I know the Lingq team is waiting to release 5.0 before releasing new languages, but if it’s taking this long to release 5.0 I think most people would rather see new languages over getting software tweaks out faster. If it is going to take another 6 months to a year to get get 5.0, I think it would be better just to give access to new languages early.


I think most people would rather see new languages over getting software tweaks out faster.


I agree. I’m particularly interested in continuing with Icelandic here instead of and learning some Georgian. I’m sure the 5.0 changes will be nice, but not as nice as when the new languages are added. Although if those software changes include giving us unsupported language slots, that’d be even better.

I’d also really love to move my Irish and Maltese study here, but it seems unlikely volunteers will translate and record all of those mini-stories. Meanwhile I have lots of study material with audio that I’ve collected over time just begging to be used in LingQ’s system.


I agree that changes will be nice, but the system works fine as is currently. Sure theres a lot of things that could improve, but adding more languages would bring in more people than software tweaks.


While I agree that more languages is what’s best for current users, I think It’s wiser for the company to pursue 5.0 as quickly as possible. I cant tell you how many people I’ve talked to used to use LingQ or tried it and stopped because it’s a bit clunky. While new languages would (and will) be awesome. I’d rather the company do what’s in it’s own best interest so that they stay around longer, can grow more, and reach more learners.

how did you come to that conclusion, other than it being the result that works for your personal goals

What Lingq needs is a “learn every language” feature. Decide for a language, create a slot, link to a dictionary of your choice and provide your one content. Some languages will attract wider audiences that will populate that language slot with more and more content. Other languages might not generate much interest but still the lone wolves learning them would have a platform to call home. I don’t care for software, I don’t care for mini stories. Bring us the languages, Lingq!!!


I do agree that it might be nice to either learn any language or at least have a couple more to choose from.

I believe that many of the users of LingQ are polyglots, language lovers, language dabblers, and that very few users of LingQ are here to just learn one language…

I also agree, that adding more languages to the mix, can attract more users… Plus most of us are used to this interface so we have learned to live with the stuff that’s not optimal, and it’s fine.

I personally do not stick to one language, and I know that if LingQ adds African languages, Icelandic or others I will stick around longer, because I noticed big improvements with my Russian, and I am here for the long run.


That sounds like a lovely idea!

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Yes that would seem like a great option, but may be hard to implement generically.

I do not know the inner workings of LingQ as a program. Mark or Zoran has explained how there are many things that need to be changed programmatically to add a new language, not just configs that need to be changed. I used to be a programmer and although ideally, you want to build programs where adding an entity that´s the equivalent of a new language in LingQ, is just a change config or add a row to a database, this is often either too complicated to actually implement or there isn´t enough time to implement it and thus shortcuts are made in the coding, that annoyingly require actual updates to the code to add new entities like that.

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Maybe quite simply an empty slot that always links to google translate would be a solution. There might also a way to set up a default language setting in google translate so it will always open up in this language setting or that it will open from detect language to English.

These are just ideas and I have no idea about programming but I am sure crazier things have been done technologically speaking.

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It does not, at least in some ways, seem like a complex thing to implement, but of course it´s impossible to know when you don´t know how LingQ is built up.

Yeah, I mean you’re more likely to gain more subscribers by broadening your product range than you are releasing updates, but the platform will inevitably get bigger over the next five to ten years, it’s just a case of making enough noise to get what we want.

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True. I would love to study Icelandic with LingQ and it looks like the courses are ready…


are new languages still planned to come out by the end of the year or has that changed again? Only about 3 weeks to go. Can’t wait!!

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I agree they should release the new languages first, or at least release them on the beta and that way the language specific issues can be found earlier.


I would imagine it would be the opposite, but I guess we can’t know. I’m sure the LingQ team would know the answer. Would be interesting to know.

I do not agree with this. Times have changed so much since LingQ launched and people these days expect and are used to very higher quality products that function almost seamlessly. The LingQ reader is not that. People these days have a very low tolerance for technical problems in paid services. There are many competing language learning products (we all know who they are) who have very slick and beautiful interfaces.

Edit: aaaaand moin!

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Could I have an answer from Lingq regarding the new languages by end of the year?


About 1 month ago on another forum post regarding Tagalog being added stated

" We will continue adding new languages next year. "

Keep in mind this is after stating it would be available in September. Which was after saying it would come out in the Summer of 21. Which was after saying it would come out in Jan/ Feb of 21. Which was after saying that they expect to release several new languages in the summer of 2020. So I fully expect a response in the near future saying they hope to add new languages in the Summer of 2022.