Rejected lessons

I created a course (from imported YouTube videos) which now contains 28 lessons, all of which I shared. I have now seen that all but the first 3 lessons and the last lesson have recently been rejected. When I try again to make them shared, I get a message telling me that librarians have rejected these lessons. Why would that have happened, and how can it be fixed?

Hi lynstevo - We reject lessons that are shared without the content creator’s permission. In this case, did you share the YouTube lessons without asking the owner?

No, I didn’t ask permission, I didn’t realise it was necessary. If it is, please let me know how to do this. The channel is called “Easy Russian”, I still don’t understand why the first 3 lessons I shared (and the most recent one) were not rejected. Is it necessary to ask permission with every YouTube channel I import and want to share?

Yes, it’s necessary to ask permission with every YouTube channel (unless the channel states that their videos are public domain) if you want to share. It’s just like if you share the Lord of the Rings movies on YouTube - this is copyrighted content, and YouTube would remove your video.

You can, of course, import and keep these lessons private. That is allowed.

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Thanks, I will see what I can do.