Are there other podcasts performed by Reinhard other than Mein Sprachabenteuer (deutscher Akzent)

I have made with Reinhard a lot of German Podcasts. We work together: I write, Reinhard checks and records.
You can use for example such our courses:
Deutsch als Geschäftssprache.
Alltagsthemen fĂĽr verschiedene Niveaus
Dialoge fĂĽr Mittelstufe
Bunte Sommerimpressionen
und many Podcasts from “Gespräche mit Evgueny”
I believe that our podcasts with Fasulye from Germany can also be interesing to you:
Ihr LesevergnĂĽgen mit Evgueny und Fasulye
Kurze Sachtexte
Wissen Sie das schon?
Stadtgerspräch mit Fasulye und Evgueny
Deutsche Rededwendungen.
Viel Erfolg mit Deutschstudium!

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Thank you Evgueny :slight_smile:

You can also search by accent. There aren’t so many other Austrian recordings. You might want to have a look at the course “Reinhards Hobbys”. Search by provider in the library: Reinhard K. There are also a certain number of recordings of literary texts (for more advanced students). Have fun!