Reimporting courses/lessons

Is there a way to reimport courses/lessons? I imported a book and there are many mistakes in it (coming from a regex error when converting the book to EPUB). I fixed the file and would like to reimport the book, and simply replace the already existing lessons. Thanks

You should be able to just import it again, is it not working?

Hi Zoran, thanks for your quick response! I did reimport the modified file, but it was imported as a separate course, i.e. not replacing the one with mistakes. Is there a “signature” attached to the EPUB that LingQ uses to verify if the files are the same? Maybe that signature changed when reconverting the file to correct the mistakes.

If you use the “import ebook” function, LingQ takes the filename as course name (sans the .epub). I have previously imported multiple ebooks into one course by just giving them the same filename. You can also “edit” the existing course and create a new lesson, scroll down and drag and drop the .epub file into the lower box (not the text box), then LingQ will import the ebook into that course and split it into multiple lessons automatically.


Thanks Bamboozled for the tip! The course name change was the issue. Reimporting with the same course/file name reimports as new lessons in the same course. Then it’s just a matter of regenerating the lessons by copying the text from one lesson to the other. Cheers!

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