Regular Page Error

Hi is anyone else here getting this error? Every time I use LingQ now I get this error 1 or 2 times. I just refresh the page, but it does slow things down.


Do you still have the same problem now? We can’t reproduce the issue on our end.

Hi. On a related, but slightly different topic, I am not allowed to create new topics. I have been a LingQ member for 2 years but when I tried to create a new topic just now, I got this message:

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 22.30.45

I am having a lot of technical difficulties with LingQ recently.

@davidc411 strange, I don’t see any issues on your account. Are you still unable to start new threads?

Hi yes I got it again tonight. Exact same message. I refreshed the page and continued.

You might want to try clearing your browser’s cache/cookies. Most browsers, you can do this by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + DEL, then just select the checkboxes for cache and cookies, and clear the data. Then close your browser and try accessing the site again.

Note that this will likely sign you out of most sites, so make sure you’ve got your passwords in your head or stored somewhere!

Thanks all. I’m travelling at the moment, hence my delay in coming back on this.

I’ve just cleared my browser cache & cookies, then tried to start a new thread again, but I still get this message:

Again tonight. This is the message I get before the page crashes…

@Grism Can you please let me know if you are still experiencing the same issue now?

@davidc411 In what forum (category) are you trying to start a new thread?

Hi yes still happening. Again today. See error message…

Thanks, I asked our team to look into it again,

Hi @Grism. “Out of Memory” indicates that computer has exhausted its available memory resources and is unable to allocate more memory for its operations. Could you please check your background processes and close any unnecessary applications running. Running more apps depletes the amount of RAM available on your PC and closing superfluous apps and other background processes may free up enough RAM on your PC to at least temporarily resolve the “low on memory” error. Thanks!

Hi I already do that, although I use audio and video (as a part of the lesson), and what you suggest does not seem to help. I have a 32GB RAM high spec laptop, and LingQ is the only Edge browser extension I have. After a period of using LingQ, the memory usage increases dramatically looking at the browser task manager and then the page crashes. Happened again tonight. A page refresh gets it back, but then the cycle happens again.