Regressions on Android (version 5)

I tested the new version on the Android app yesterday and immediately ran into three issues that just by themselves want me to stop paying for this service. This was just after less than 10 minutes of use when I couldn’t take it anymore:

  • Pressing a word doesn’t give near instant feedback anymore on how it’s pronounced. This was one of the things I really liked with the application before this version. It doesn’t help that it’s fast after that, because I generally only need it once.
  • When in dark mode, when I press a word, the word definition also shows up in an entirely dark popup with no border. This means the definitions and the rest of the text become indistinguishable and very hard to read.
  • When listening to the audio (mp3) and pressing a word, I hear the pronunciation of the word while listening to the mp3! It didn’t use to work like that and this is a bug that I just can’t believe you shipped.

All of this has me believe that you either didn’t properly test the application before shipping it, or you knowingly shipped it with all the bugs to all of your paying customers.

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Yes, there does seem to be a delay after pressing the buttons, as though the app’s somehow thinking about it. In theory, the audios are already downloaded, so there shouldn’t be any streaming or buffering delays and yet there they are. Another issue that I’m personally having is that while in Speaker Mode when I hit the speakerphone button to recite the chosen sentence, it now does so in the same robotic translator voice as when you click on an individual word, rather than using the original lesson audio, which is okay for news reports that don’t come with their own audio, but if I’ve imported a YouTube channel into LingQ, I’d expect to hear the original YouTube audio while in Sentence Mode. I’m not sure whether you’ve had the same experience, but I’m using the app for Arabic and it really butchers the Quran.

You can turn off tts audio while lesson audio is playing in the reader settings

Thanks for your feedback.
-Regarding the TTS issue, what internet connection are you using? When you first tap to pronounce a word, there can be a small delay because we now download the word, so next time you encounter and tap on the same word, it will play instantly. However, the delay first time shouldn’t be too long. If your internet connection isn’t fast, it can take more time, so we will soon make some changes there to make pronunciation switch to different system if there is a long delay when tapping to pronounce a first word in a lesson.

  • Regarding the Dark mode, that’s not how it should look. In the dark mode, suggested translations are actually white in a dark popup and are easily recognized. Can you send a screenshot of how it looks on your end to support(at)

  • Stop lesson audio to play tts and Don’t play tts when lesson audio playing options are for now available on the website but will be added to the app too in the upcoming updates.