Referring to definitions of separable prefix verbs

A problem I’ve been encountering as I use this platform to learn German is that you can’t refer to a LingQ for a word if the word is split into parts. That is, if there is a sentence saying “Die Polizei setzt britischen Mediaberichten zufolge inzwischen Scharfschutzen und einen Helikopter ein,” I can’t quickly remind myself what einsetzen means because the words are too far apart to highlight them as a phrase. My solution to this is to just search it on google translate, and that isn’t too difficult, but it does break the flow of reading. It would be nice if I could type a word into the LingQ dictionary while in the reader, as in, typing in “einsetzen” to see what it means. I would assume this isn’t just a problem for German, but that’s the context I’m experiencing it in.

I am in the same boat. Lingqs should support separable prefixes. At minimum, it would be helpful if the user could alter the lingq by specifying that’s there is a separable prefix and what the prefix is.