Referral System Upgrade Rewards Suggestion

I hope LingQ will consider adding one more option to the referral rewards for upgraded accounts.

Right now the info page about the program says we can be paid after referrals have paid LingQ $500 (so we can cash out $100),

Or we can exchange for lessons.

My request to add one more option which is we can choose to add months to our current account’s subscription as an immediate option to when anyone subscribes to at least 6 months (1 month extra since it’s around ≈ 20%). And maybe 3 months extra if a 1 year subscription is done.

Anyway, I think out of the dozens of people I’ve recommended LingQ to, only 1 has ever paid for a subscription so I’m not going to qualify for the $100 payout ever at this rate.

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Good idea. But it wouldn’t do much for me either.

I’ve mentioned LingQ many times during dinner conversations etc. Whether people then sign up or not, I have no idea. I’m reluctant to use the referral program since I’m unwilling (and unqualified) to field tech questions from those I refer.

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