Reduced prices? :))

Wow! I noticed that current price for 1000 points is only $8 =)

Yes, nice! But this 90-day expiry thing puts me off somehow.

I bought some points from the last sales back in January. I was very busy in the 2nd second, and I ended up booking speaking sessions about 4 times a week in the last month in order to use up my points.

This time, I will be more cautious in buying the points.

Why shall I buy points if I am not able to spend them within 90 days? Not enough choice of tutors!

Yeah, that was my problem. Still I think this is a good deal, but just be cautious not to over-buy the points.

@Niksa - Yes, you are correct. As stated in the promotional email sent out yesterday (, points will be discounted until May 17th at 5PM PST. :slight_smile: