Reduced playlist/playlists out of sync across platforms

playlists out of sync across platforms

my older playlists are still the same in the web version of lingQ, but in the android version they have been reduced in all the languages ​​I studied before the 5.0 update, the only ones that were not affected other than those created in the beta version.

example: my german playlist in the web version has 116 audios but in the android version (app) there are only 50 audios, and before both were the same, this also happened in the russian and french playlists in different measures the french is the least affected compared to the others.

obs: I only had this problem in the android version (app) still on the cell phone but in the browser version such a situation did not occur

other than that I’m loving the new version of lingq and I’m looking forward to the new languages ​​that have been promised

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks, we will investigate and fix this.


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