Red "X" has disappeared

Seems like the red “X” at the end of the status bar in LingQ pop ups and the widget itself has disappeared, Doing Japanese.

Ok it is there but under the status bar. I guess it was displaced when I used the “ctrl +” to zoom in.

Just wondering… has anyone gotten fed up with FF 10.0.2? This version is so crashy and hangy. I heard it was because Adobe has stopped sharing Flash source code with anyone except Google.

Not having any problems with this version personally. What you heard what wrong. Adobe isn’t in the business of sharing source-code and that wouldn’t be a reason, if it were ‘crashy and hangy’. Not had a single crash on my system and if crash were a problem, then the flash plugin would crash, then I’d reload it. That’s something which happens in every browser.

I use Firefox 10.0.2 and haven’t noticed any frequent issues with LingQ or elsewhere… Also, I’m studying Japanese. I think what you may have heard in regards to the Flash and Google was about Adobe moving away from supporting Flash. Flash looks like it will be replaced by HTML5 although its anyone’s guess as to how long that will take to happen. Anyway, Adobe won’t be releasing Flash for new versions of mobile operating systems in the future and the last OS to get Flash is Google’s Android 4.0 (ICS). They will continue to support/update flash for desktops for the foreseeable future as far as I can tell.