Recording Skype Conversations

Can anyone recommend some software (preferably free) for recording the audio of Skype conversations?

mp3 skype recorder:

For Mac?

In PC.

On a PC, sorry.

Thanks for that Vera, I’ll try that (sorry I’m distracted as I’m in the middle of a conversation).

I wonder if anyone has tried this: have both ends record his/her audio (no need for special software). Then have one end send his/her recording to the other and combine both tracks. This way the quality should be much better.

I use power gramo.

I think it is very useful.

I used powergramo before but recently I had sometimes problems with the recording. The quality was excellent. Unfortunately I had serious problems in the last time like robot voice etc. The recording of powergramo are wav files. They are bigger than mp3 files. So I usually converted them into mp3. Now I record directly in mp3 files which is more convenient even if the quality is not as good as the quality of the powergramo recordings.


Really? I will try to use mp3 skype recorder. Thank you for this information.

I know this problem, personally I really need mp3 files on iTune or iPhone and so on, so power gramo is not useful because we must covert wav files into mp3, it takes time.

Does anybody know how to record Skype conversations on a Mac with a free software?

Call Recorder is the best way to record Skype on Mac, but it is not free. On their website is free trial version. Try it.

Sometimes I use “mp3 skype recorder” and it works quite well. No problem so far. The recording are mp3 files, and it’s free.

I tried to use mp3 skype recorder, but it is impossible to create video files and the quality is not so good, so I will continue Power Gramo even if it takes a little time to convert wav files into mp3. Actually as for me, I don’t need mp3 fils every time.