Recording of submitted writings

Long time ago was suggested to record member writings and to put them in the library. I read that Rasana does this for Russian, and I see a lot of member writings recorded by Alison in the English library. I did it twice in German.

Now I made the great experience that Marianne does this for French, but she offers the service to send the recording to the student and the student can import the text on his own. She’s very kind. But I want to reward such service.

Maybe we could add the following function on a writing submission:
A) The student can mark if give the permission to the tutor to record the writing. Than it’s free for the student and the tutor has the right to import the lesson in the library. If the tutor does not want to record it, it’s okay.
B) The student wants to have a recording. Then he has to pay 1 point per word for the recording. The tutor sends the recording with an email. The student can share the writing submission or not.
The tutor has to offer recordings in his profile. In another post was suggested that tutors can add when they are not available. Maybe this can be done at one go.

Additional to B) Maybe the tutor can have the option to upload the mp3 file in the writing section.

I would love to have this service applied at LingQ soon because I would love to have some of my writings recorded. It would be very helpful.
Most of all, in order to help beginners, I feel that this tool should be applied soon :wink:

A long time ago, I even read that there could have audio exchanges for writings (even the past ones) and/or vocabulary lists. I have been deceived that there was no following on this despite the enthusiasm of many :frowning:

However, I find it a good idea Vera that options are suggested in the writing section. Up to the learners to get and tutors to do the recordings.

As for me, in my profile, there are links bringing you to audios, in French and in English, explaining how I mainly work as a tutor and offer this service of recording writings automatically for beginners, and above if necessary. I specify that if advanced learners want their writings recorded, I will do.
I send the files to each writing’s owner because many students want to study these recordings for their own need. It is then up to them to share whatever they want in the library.

I am always pleased when my students find this tool helpful and are happy with it. My pleasure to do this.
I am glad you’re enjoying the audios, Vera :smiley:

If ever this system is not offer when I decide to learn Spanish next year, I will ask the tutor to record my writings during or instead of a discussion, for example. Steve mentioned this once I think. Everyone can do that, still personnally as a student I am not in a hurry right now but I cross my fingers that we could have the choice in the writing section, as Vera asked for, by the time I learn Spanish :slight_smile:

Hi Vera,

I have posted some of my writings for many months, and I do think it’s a good idea to do that, both for the providers and for the users. However, I disagree about the fact that whether the one who wrote it or the one who recorded it has to pay or be paid for that. Contents in the library have to be written in the best language as possible, and even if our writings had been corrected by a tutor prior their release in the library - so they are expected to be grammaticaly correct and error-free - they would probably be written in a very different way from what a native speaker would have done.
Furthermore, the tutor who corrects your writing is already paid for the correction and I don’t think it’s a big deal to provide a recording on top of the that.
Last but not least, I think the owner, namely the one who wrote the essay, is the only one who could release his writing.
In any case, I do encourage students to write and ask their tutor or ask friends of them - only native speakers - to record their writings. It’s unarguably useful for themselves and possibly for users of these writings.

I agree with you Serge.

I would like to have some of my writings recorded but if I want to share them, I will make this decision myself. It is why I send directly the recordings to my students.
You raised a good point with the fact that even corrected, a writing could be written in another way by a native speaker.

For sure, it’s not at all a big deal to record writings (it doesn’t take me such a long time to do that…).
Still it is helpful and it would be great to have this function available because I would like sometimes to have my writings recorded…

I recorded two writings of students in the library. In both cases I asked before I did that. Beside the grammar correction I made some other changes that make the writing natural. I correct writings always in two ways. First I do the usual correction that they are grammatically correct and the choice of word is okay. Additional I make a version that is on the level of a native speaker and put this in the comment. I only recorded such versions and put them in the library. I agree that some writings are not interesting and should not be put into the library. Writings should be on a native level.

In my opinion both, the student and the tutor, should have to be asked and the tutor has go decide if the writing is proper enough for the library.

Serge wrote “Furthermore, the tutor who corrects your writing is already paid for the correction and I don’t think it’s a big deal to provide a recording on top of the that.” I disagree. I think it is work. It is great if tutors offer that service and I would like to pay for it. I think recording is work and to send the mail is work too. I don’t know how much time your corrections took. I need often about 30 minutes for a writing correction of about 100 words depending on the level of the writer. For example, I often have submissions with 1 error every 4 words = 25 errors, and seldom there are submissions with 1 error every 8 words or better and I add comments. I think this is a lot of time compared with the payment.

You’re right, corrections take time, and in comparison, recordings are very easily and quickly done. Sending an e-mail takes only a few seconds. I really don’t think it can’t be worth that much…

I really don’t think it can’t be worth that much. Sorry, I really think it can’t be worth that much or if you prefer, I really don’t think it can be worth that much. (negative X negative = positive)

There are many things that we would all love to have in the system. :wink: We would like to incorporate a system where people can request recordings and tutors can be rewarded for doing so not least because this would probably encourage more people to take advantage of this service. I will add this to our wishlist and we will look at it when we have the resources to do so.

We at, LingQ, are like a family that is already living beyond its means and would like to get a new sofa, a new flat screen TV, a new washing machine, and a new car. Somehow we have to struggle along with what we have, with the limited programming resources we have. We also have to find ways to increase our membership, and you will be hearing more about that in a few weeks.

As for the goodies that I would like to have, insofar as interacting with tutors is concerned, here is my wishlist (for when we have the programming resources to do it).

When we submit writing there should be a series of buttons,

  1. Correct writing
  2. Record submission (it should be possible to submit content just for recording)
  3. Correct pronunciation (if the text is accompanied by an audio file produced by the learner)

It should be possible to check one or many of these. There should be different costs, in points, for these services.

The decision on whether to share the content, and the rights to the content, should , in my view, be with the learner, who has paid for the service.

Learner content is easy language, and uses easy words. It is part of our community. People know what it is. If it is not 100 % natural native content, I do not think that matters. No one is obliged to take it. Most people will mix this kind of content in with other true native content.

Thanks to three of you for your outstanding contribution to LingQ. It is a great source of encouragement to us, and of great service to our community.

Yes, this doesn’t matter Steve. We study what we find interesting and like. It’s necessary to get easy contents.

LingQ and all of you, who are behind the scene, do a lot for our language learning. We would like to see more and more tool as you would like to implement them for sure. Like a family, it’s a good analogy :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to using these new options…