Recording "exchange" function still available?

Hi everyone! I’m wondering if there is still a “make a recording for me” function on Lingq? I haven’t had someone make a recording reading a text for me for four or five years, but I’d like to again as I’m working on fairly new to getting into Italian and have some texts that need audio.

I searched under the teachers and writing corrections area of Lingq and there were no teachers or anyone else offering recording as a paid service. Is that because the function is no longer on Lingq or simply because nobody is offering it currently?

In any case, I would love to find someone to help record some texts in Italian. If anyone knows anyone or knows where I can find this function/feature on Lingq, please please help me out! Thanks.

No, that tutoring option isn’t available anymore, it was removed a while ago.
Only conversations and writing corrections are still available under Tutoring.

That is really too bad. Hope it can be brought back.

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How many texts do you have to record? If you want, I can help you.