Recommended items - for whom?

A friend (with no previous knowledge of Russian) just joined, went to “Store” had a look at “Recommended Items” and picked “Пещера. Е.И.Замятин, Часть первая” - which obviously was way over his level.

I thought that the system figured out which texts were the most suitable according to the level of the member (and/or the accumulated “known words”) but apparently I was wrong.

Any thoughts?

Hi Jeff,

Unfortunately, the recommended items area is not as effective as it could be, especially for new members for whom we have no statistics. I recommend your friend start in the Beginner category of the Store. We will be working on improving the Store as one of our next major enhancements.

Alright, thanks for the quick reply. He is now on his way to learn Russian. Thanks for a good system.