Recommendations for an mp3 player please

On Saturday I stood on my mp3 player which proved to be a mistake. It broke the screen and, while it still plays, I can no longer read what I am listening to.

I suppose this would be a good time to upgrade my LingQing mobile technology a bit. What would you recommend? I can not afford more than $200 without selling a family member.

aa 200$? why would you need that much? I bought my Apacer 4gb mp3 player for about 30-40$ and am perfectly satisfied.

oh, if you meant something where you can also read transcripts/etc not just the title of the mp3 then that would cost more yes

I agree. I have a nice Sansa Clip+ 2 GB with a micro sd expansion slot for 40$ You can go up to 18GB with a 16GB micro sd card. (extra 70$). It also has a pretty darn good quality voice recorder built in, as well as a radio (FM)

Another angle…you could spend a little more and get the ipod touch so you can use the iLingQ app. I do find iLingQ quite enjoyable and effective both on the go and at home.

I’m sure samsung now do an mp3 player almost exactly the same as the iPod touch which runs on android. It might be handy especially when the android iLingQ comes out.

I suppose the functions that you might look for on a multimedia player for LingQ use would be:

  1. plays mp3 files
  2. plays video files
  3. easily syncs to some podcast manager software
  4. can display ebooks / txt / pdf files
  5. use iLingQ app.

I’ve only ever had mp3 players that could do (1) up to now.

With those criteria, you really have to go with the ipod touch. But it is more than 200$. Any android equivalent will be more than 200$ too.

Perhaps you can devise a workaround in your routine.

Like, print out the things you are planning on listening to ahead of time. Download podcasts from computer to the mp3 player in the morning. Watch the videos at the computer when you are at home.

I find this works for me at least and I can use a practically free cheapo mp3 player. But those are just some ideas for a workaround. I’m sure you can find one that fits your schedule.

android is good, then, is it?

I use Samsung Galaxy S cell phone. However it costs about 600 dollars. You can do everything except for point 5. I hope lingq will be available on android soon.

Something like this, maybe?

skyblueteapot as Makacenko said you’ll get everything except point 5 (the LingQ app is for iphones)


Just to let you know that we are working on an Android version of iLingQ and it is getting close to being completed. Having said that, as I test it on an Android device, I find the overall iPod/Phone interface much more intuitive and easy to use than Android. However, I am used to the iPhone so that is certainly part of it. Given the range of gadgets that you seem to navigate your way around, an Android device should not be an obstacle for you. I would hesitate to recommend it to the technologically challenged…

Yea I strongly recommended an Ipod touch. I think they are really useful. I like to use the flash card app plus I find it useful for other things. It’s also really easy to make playlist and keep things organized.

Just for the LingQ app, I dusted off my old iPod touch that I bought off a friend that had an iPhone and no longer needed it. It’s been great, as not only can I go through vocabulary on the train, I can also practise on the toilet! Never a moment wasted.