Recognition or Certificates

I was inspired by Aicha’s thread on English certificates and that got me wondering…

What if LingQ offered certificates for all of the languages on the system that could be used as an official thing, like a TOFEL or TOEIC (don’t know if I spelled those right) score? I know that students have to study a foreign language at many universities, and that some – mostly business and political – even require basic fluency to graduate. What if a learner could show proof that he speaks a foreign language and that he learned from LingQ?

I think that without accreditation from a government regulatory institution, any certificates from LingQ would not hold water with other institutions such as universities.

We will be offering certificates as soon as we develop our test module. It is all on our to do list. I think that many people would be very happy to have a certificate. We just have to make sure that it is meaningful.

I might add that I would hope that a LingQ certificate would be more meaningful than a University Diploma or any certificate sanctioned by a government regulatory agency, or for that matter private brands like TOEFL and TOEIC.

Me too.