Receiving mail from LingQ

Hi everyone.

I used to receive mails from LingQ that have some vocabularies I had been accumulating by making some LingQ.

I don’t remember when but, mailing has just stopped.

What can I do to receive mails again?

P.S. I didn’t tick "Don’t send me any emails from LingQ " off in my settings.

Perhaps, you just stopped lingqing new words?
‘LingQs of the day’ e-mails mainly contain lingqs that you saved recently + lingqs that need to be reviewed (LingQ is using some kind of srs for choosing these words).

I’ve now corrected this.

Basically, members who previously unsubscribed from the Newsletter will not receive LingQs of the Day emails either. We have made it possible now to only unsubscribe to some emails, but for members who previously have done so we have to manually go in and resubscribe them.

If anyone else has the same problem, please let us know!

다시 한번 고마워요 Alex~~~