Receiving LingQ notification in Dutch

I just received a cancellation notification from my tutor. But it was in Dutch. Neither I nor my tutor is learning Dutch. I don’t even know LingQ has started Dutch!

Dear Edwin,

Het spijt ons zeer, maar wij moeten het volgende gesprek, waarvoor u zich had ingeschreven, annuleren:

blah… blah…

Wij bieden onze excuses aan voor het ongemak. Uw punten zijn teruggestort.


LingQ Support

If a Russian user books a German conversation, then the email from LingQ says

… Суббота, Май 07 …

As I don’t speak Russian, it is a bit difficult to understand when the conversation will take place.

We’ve had this bug before and based on your post it still appears to be lurking somewhere in the code. We’ll add this to our list and hopefully get it fixed soon. In the meantime, try plugging it into Google Translate :slight_smile:

edwin: there is a translation of LingQ system in your settings (Settings->Interface Language->Dutch). You can pick a language you want and perhaps your tutor has picked the Dutch translation, therefore probably even messages are in Dutch :slight_smile:

Interesting. I guess the correct behaviour should be to use the language of the student and not the tutor, correct?

if he cancels a conversation, there is used his settings because he did it, not you :)…he did that action of canceling :slight_smile: so it takes his settings :slight_smile:
I have invited some people to Lingq and they got a message in the language I had set. They even do not have any account here, so it takes my settings…just like in your case :slight_smile: You can ask your tutor if his interface language was Dutch when he canceled it :slight_smile:

@edwin - Who was the tutor who canceled the conversation? We’ve had reports of this in the past but from what I recall they were not caused by the tutor’s interface language being different.

in this case, it should take the language not depending on the interface language, but depending on the language that you have submited the conversation (or writing)…sure :slight_smile:


I don’t think he is learning Dutch.

Ok, thanks. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do for you at the moment, but we will take a look at this issue and find out what’s causing these anomalies. As always, thanks for reporting the issue!

No problem. Chance to learn some Dutch. :slight_smile: