Reccomend identical French and Spanish content on LingQ

Looking for LingQ courses such as ‘Who is She?’ or the mini stories which are identical (for the most part) in both French and Spanish. My level (low) is similar in both languages, and personally I have found that doing the same lesson one after the other is beneficial since you already know what the lesson will be about leading to more comprehensible input. Is this type of comprehension even useful since it’s not exactly the input that is comprehensible but rather the context being remembered? Regardless, for me this is a fun experiment that is keeping me engaged during the beginner slog. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

As long as your brain does not tend to mix up the two languages, I see nothing wrong with it - at least not with remembering the context. Once I have read the same book in LingQ in French and Dutch in parallel, which worked out great. I did not understand everything in either language, but overall I could follow the story just fine.

Furthermore I usually notice, whether I understand a word due to the context of the story, or wheather I generally got the meaning. Worst case, I mark a word as known and have to change the status back when encountering the same word in another context - no problem at all.

What I cannot comment on is, whether there might be an issue for you with learning French and Spanish at a similar level and at the same time.

When learning more than one language at the same time, I prefer these to be
a) not too similar (e.g. not Spanish and Italian at the same time)
b) at different levels
c) at different times of the day (e.g. 1 language in the morning, the other in the evening)

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I’m learning French/Spanish too. At first I often blended them, so my approach was to get to a solid intermediate level with French. I then used Assimil to learn Spanish for French speakers, which gave me a physical book full of side-by-side text and explanations of the differences. It goes well with Lingq. I think that strategy helped me avoid the boredom of extreme repetition, although I also sometimes read the same texts/books in both languages, Good luck