Reasons for language learning

Right, here are the ones I’ve come up with do you have any more reasons why people would want to study a language?

1.You are in a country where that language is spoken (or are planning to go)
2.People in your community speak that language
3.movies/tv shows/texts/other interesting/educational media in that language simply like that language enjoy learning that language want to learn it to be impressive/seem smart
7.learning it is compulsory (required by school/university/profession/invading regime)
8. that language is cool/interesting/a challenge
9.“just because”
10.God(s) told me to do it
11.other voices in and around your head told you to do it are learning a language because of a bet
13. you forgot why you are learning that language

I married an English guy in Germany, so he was the reason I learnt to speak English

SanneT how did you communicate beforehand?

Presumably in the language of love :wink:
Whereby I didn’t want be indiscreet.

He was a Berlitz teacher and while I was reluctant to speak English (I was extreeeemely self-conscious), he was keen to practise his German.

All the other girls around wanted to practise their English on him whereas I steadfastly refused because I was so shy. I had had English grammar and reading for years at school but couldn’t string one sentence together. In the end he married me (and I let him speak German to me whenever he wanted).

Helen also insists that she is very shy, and she is also married and a successful language learner. Don’t you see the trend? Whereby I didn’t want to be indiscreet (smile)

Well, it supports my hypothesis that self-confidence is not a necessary pre-requisite for successful language learning. Just a stubborn unwillingness to give up, once you have started.

Maybe Mr SanneT likes girls who play hard to get :wink:

umm SanneT is a she

Mr SanneT liked me for my charm, wit, looks and willingness to let him speak…

I had better tell you quickly that I was widowed some years ago, so he won’t be able to comment on any claim I make!

@ MissTake: Now I am worried. What kind of teachers did you have? Were the school years very traumatic? But if they motivated you to learn languages, all the better …

A strong correlation has been suggested between the reasons to learn a language and the single, married, widowed and traumatic-at-school poulation.

@Ilya - Great Analysis!

Well, I’m not entirely sure, but I would say . . . Moo . . .
Do you mean that we are learning foreign languages in the sense of making a conscious effort?

According to Dr. Helen Steve, a conscious effort is not is not a necessary pre-requisite, hence LingQ.This also answers the question raised in 1977 by Dr. Aybee in her recent post :slight_smile:

Is it not a bit too early in Canada to be so sharp-witted?

I am trying to awake Vancouver Sanne. It took me a great effort not to respond Aybee before Steve. You are right, it’s about time for me to shut up. It is already 10:42 in Toronto, 7:42 AM ib Vancouver.

I am sure Aybee would have loved to read your comments, whatever the hour. Just get writing and let Steve sleep a little longer…

Who can explain for me the joke about the cockroach and the soap? I’m laughing but can’t understand.

Steve never sleeps…he just goes quiet from time to time! You are all under constant surveillance.

Oh, I’ve got it. It was a sad story, I shoudn’t had laughed.