Really quite hard German please!

May I say that I’m really very impressed with the German lingQ library. There is a magnificent breadth of materials, enough to please the most finicky tastes. The German tutors (and students) must have all worked very hard to produce so much!

I’m coming to the conclusion that I need to work my German comprehension harder, listening to pieces at least 10 minutes long with some really quite tough sentence constructions and vocabulary. Something like “der Spiegel” articles along the lines of “thanks to hurricane Minnie’s devestating impact on the 'Tiger economies’of the Far East and the impending solar eclipse we’re all possibly going to die,”

Could anyone suggest some sources of material please?

Hi skyblueteapot,

if you don’t need a transcript this may be of use for you:


I’m up for anything but a transcript would be particularly useful for lingqing purposes.

I have had a quick look at Deutsch Welle;s langsame gesprochene Nachrichten and that looks about my level. I was just trying to avoid it because I know Steve’s views on slowed down language :wink:


Learn from what you like . Motivation and interest are the keys.

I bought some great audio books in Berlin on my last trip. Anything in literature that is out of copyright is usually available. Too bad there is no Echo Moskvi in German, or maybe here is.

I like the podcasts that Vera has uploaded and transcribed in our library.

Hi Helen,
I thought about your question but have no idea besides Deutsche Welle. Unfortunately it is very seldom that transcripts are offered on German websites. Did you try out the collection “Wissenspodcast mit AHA-Effekt! Der Infotainment-Podcast”? Look in category “Geschichte” and you will find parts of this collection.
Or “Der Sonntagssoziologe” but I don’t know if you like the subject.
On a higher level is the Collection “Charles Dickens” with the Christmas Story in category “Literatur”.
Also “Computer Club 2” is in a normal speed.

Wissenspodcast mit AHA-Effekt! Der Infotainment-Podcast"? looks great Vera! I have selected the whole collection and, if it is an interesting as it looks, will soon have worked through it. There’s just one thing that’s puzzling me, how to download the mp3s. It seems that clicking the download button doesn’t start a download, but the quicktime player. I really want to listen on my mp3 player somewhere quiet. Is there a way to do this?

Computer club 2 looks good too.

Deutsche Welle’s slowly spoken German I think I will soon grow out of, though I would have found it quite challenging a couple of years ago! Again it’s not as easy as I first thought to find the mp3s and download them. It keeps wanting to play them in an application for me!

Hi Helen,
this is a known problem with externa URL. Look here

It help’s if Windows Media Player is your Internet mp3-Player. Then WMP is open if you try to download the file and in WMP you can save the mp3.

If it doesn’t help I can send you an email. Let me know.


We will be fixing this in the next few days. In the meantime, you should be able to download it by going to the podcast websites themselves.

Hi Helen, really hard is “Charles Dickens Weihnachtslied” :wink:

Hi Helen, I come back to your question.
I’ve imported more content for advanced learners.
Try the following collections:
“GEOaudio” GEOaudio - LingQ Language Library
“Vorsicht: Persönlichkeitsentwicklung!” Vorsicht: Persönlichkeitsentwicklung - LingQ Language Library
“Detektei Suni&Partner” Detektei Suni & Partner - LingQ Language Library

And Steves Article “Seven concepts of natural language learning” translated in German and recorded by me: Steves Artikel - LingQ Language Library