Real Method or else you're not gettin' on here

This thread made for some very interesting reading. Thanks kimojima!

Do you use transparent ink? Your lyrics are invisible!


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I always meditate on kimojima´s posts. White is such a beautiful colour. ^^

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White is just the background on which you paint a breathtaking mural!!!

I saw this the day you posted it (I think), or maybe it was the day after. All white. I was bummed out because it looked like an interesting title. Do you mind re-posting?

Becoming a for-profit blogger then? I don’t blame you. I’d post more here, but this forum is like written in dos or something. Sort of a craigslist quality forum. Good luck anyway man.

Wait. Is there something I’m missing as to why the posts are blank? Some inside joke?

kimojima regularly deletes his posts for some reason. He said why one time. I’d look for that post, but…

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the kimojima method is best…all others are substitutes

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Here are some awesome things on the internet

New England, Ontario we died in the dirt
Those walls from mid-Ohio to Toronto they hurt
So we came to Road America where we burned up at the lake
But at the speedway at Nazareth I made no mistake

There was another guy who used to do the same, a certain Imyrtsheseem, or something like that, from Australia. He used to post a lot in these forums, one day he just vanished; by the way… what can have happened to him?


I’m guessing someone called him a moron, so he left.

I’m thinking it’s time for some moderation here.

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“I’m guessing someone called him a moron, so he left.”

That guy must have a really hard time on the internet…
I think the moderation is already sufficient. The most irritating thing here is kimojima deleting his posts.

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Wow, I see 500 monkeys typing.

The cow says “Blank posts are fun”

Good cheese is easy to find in Switzerland. You just have to know where to look

xckd 386 is my favorite

But then again… who could forget correct horse battery staple


This is not 4chan. The userbase here is far more diverse. To those who are not of the 4chan demographic, your discourse is simply not welcoming, let alone comprehensible.

Cowboys and Indians is a fun game.

Somebody is WRONG on the Internet

What’s your favorite color?
What? I don’t know that!

What do you mean, djvlbass?

My dog is learning French. Every day I go to work and I put on some Pimsleur for him. Now every time he barks he has an “outraaaaageous accent”

You got 2 empty halves of coconuts and you’re banging them together.


Cat fights aren’t cat fights if you’re just bored.

Yes, I’m reading the future here. I know exactly what you’re going to type Colin. Exactly

I am always amused at how online discussions between strangers so quickly turn into catfights.