Reading what level?

If I read simple stuff I understand it but I don’t learn and it’s boring. If I read interesting stuff there are to many hard words that aren’t common and to hard to learn ?

For me, if looking up all the words is enough to allow me to understand the sentences, that’s easy enough. I read as much as I can and don’t worry about the large numbers of yellow words I’ve made without memorizing them. If I really want to remember a word I’ll put a tag on it so I don’t lose it.

Congrats on 1000 words

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Thanks. I’m just reading and reading.

Read what you find interesting. Whatever that is. In the early stages you have to fight through it by LingQ’ing loads of words.

If this is your first second language it’s going to take you a long time to be reading fluently - 6 months, a year or more.

Look up, LingQ, keep reading interesting material, and eventually you’ll realise you know a lot of it. It then starts to become comprehensible input. Then it will snowball very quickly and you will be making hundreds of words ‘known’ every week.