Reading the lesson while listening on the ipod

I listen a lot to the mp3 files of lessons on my ipod touch. I come across other material, such as Annik Rubens’ Slow German, that includes the text in a form that can be read on the screen. Is it possible for me to add the text to a LingQ mp3 file so that I can read it while I listen on the ipod?

I have added the words to one lesson by copying from the print version and pasting into the ‘lyrics’ in the itunes ‘info’ for that lesson. It works well, but it would take a long time to do this for the lessons I already have saved in itunes. Is there a bulk way of doing this?

No, there is no other way. You have to do it for every single lesson.

Have you recognized that there are two ways, how you can add mp3 files? You can upload them to LingQ, or you can simply add a link to the lesson.

Thanks Vera. When I add a link to the lesson, I think that the file is not saved on my computer. This means that I have to be connected to the internet when I listen. Is that correct?

Yes. Unfortunately you cannot add a link to an mp3 file on your computer to the lesson. This would be nice but this could only work for private lessons :wink:
But you can save the mp3 like every other mp3 from LingQ on your computer.