Reading remote discussion boards using LingQ

Most of the time I spend on internet is reading discussion boards (just like this one :wink: )
Would it be possibile to implement in LingQ the capability to show remote sites using its internal translation engine? Of course voice reading of the texts would be available, but we (or just me? :wink: ) would have the advantage of using LingQ every day, in common situations! But there is an essential requirement to implement in this (possible) new feature: it should be possibile to open links in new windows/tabs by center-clicking them.

Is this possibile?

Sorry, I meant “Of course voice reading of the texts would NOT be available”…

@jumpjack - I’m not sure what you mean by the centre clicking thing. I don’t think most people have a centre click. You can right click on most links and select to open in a new tab. We are working on a bookmarklet which will work on external sites. However, it is a work in progress and we can’t promise when it will be ready. We, too, are anxiously awaiting it.

I think the Centre/center click is available for people who have an IPOD. I don’t have this capabilitiy on my MP4 player.

I think each mouse currently sold in the world has a center button: it’s the wheel, you can both rotate it AND click it!
Why are you talking about mobile devices?!?