Reading Progress deleted by mobile App

Hello all,
I noticed my “Words Read” progress tracker being affected whenever I use the mobile app, I’m aware of the new functions to add or subtract from the amount of times a lesson has been read within the mobile application. Specifically what’s happening is my words of reading progress always goes DOWN after I used that application, in fact this week my reading progress is in the negative, and I just did some reading yesterday.The problem is I never use the app for reading, I just use it to listen to the Audio when I’m out and about. I also took care to make sure I wasn’t hitting the subtract button on accident.
I’ve actually noticed this problem since the update, and I skimmed through the “Known Issues and Updates” forum to see if this has been addressed, but I couldn’t find mention of it. If there’s any known solution or previous mention of this I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction.

@Marshabitant - we are very sorry about that! We had a similar report recently. You can see it here

Are you using an iOS or Android app? We are still not quite sure which exact behavior on the app causes this issue. If you were able to keep an eye on it during a few days and and try to see which steps lead to the problem, it would be very helpful. Sorry for the inconvenience!