Reading out loud using lingq

hello all,

so i just started reading out loud on lingq and i can’t stop laughing and smiling.
as much as i can understand a lot of the language, it felt so weird to actually speak it at length. normally i just speak with the simple vocabulary and grammar I am comfortable enough to use, so speaking native level sentence constructions was mind-blowing. also, i speak very little normally because i run out of things to talk about and don’t live in Germany, which limits things quite considerably.
Reading out loud seems to be both an effective way of internalising the language and actually putting it to use at the same time.
I read a medium length article about Annalena Baerbock and noticed when i stopped reading I was having a lot more thoughts in German, like I woke up a sleeping part of my brain. it felt great.
does anyone else here think this could also be a good strategy in the long run? i can see myself doing a lot more of it from now on.


People recommend shadowing once reaching an advanced stage in listening; This way you can hear the sounds clearly so it would be much easier to shadow individual words and sentences. I have done enough natural listening I am going to introduce “shadowing”/“reading out loud” short texts very soon in German.
I am aiming for doing an hour daily.
I checked your listening stats on LingQ; you do not record it here? Are you reading texts out loud without hearing them first?


Interesting… well I don´t do any listening on Lingq, I do all my listening with podcasts and youtube channels, so everything that I read out loud is stuff I have never heard before. I have been doing between 1 and 2 hours of reading out loud this past week, so far it is going great! I consider myself to be approaching an advanced stage, but not quite there yet, especially in terms of language production.