Reading not increasing

I’m puzzled, as a newbie here. I’ve got my playlist going, tracking my listening. I’m creating lingqs, and those are tracking. I’m submitting writings for corrections, and those are tracking. So I tried to increment my reading words here at the end of the day, and despite reading through a lesson, it shows the days words read at zero?!?!?!
What am I doing wrong?

Maybe you should finish lessons to get words tracked. The thing is words are not tracking page by page, but after you finish the last page and press the green button.

As @S.I. mentioned is his reply, listening and reading stats will increase automatically only when you complete a lesson.

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But this is precisely what I did! I deliberately finished a lesson, and was surprised to see 0 remain on the stats.

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Well, another case is when you finish a lesson for the second+ time, because by default LingQ is tracking the words of a particular lesson just once, but you can manually increase the amount of times you’ve read this lesson.
Otherwise, it’s a bug.

Oh, that’s interesting. I think that might have been what happened. hmmm … I see where I could add “words read” as a number. Does that mean I’d have to calculate the words read and add them on? Or is there a way to increment the number of lessons, and that also increases the words?

The words increases in bulk, so to speak, if a lesson have, let’s say, 500 words. Then it will become 1000 words, when you get into “lesson info” (it looks like 3 dots top right) and then press on “reading” counter.
That, if I remember it right, also adds you the LingQ coins.

There is another way to add a precise number of words. You should do it in your stats section. But this action seems to have no effect on the LingQ coins.

Oh, I see now. Thanks so much for explaining it to me!

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