Reading is slow

Thanks.I know I have more of known words but still in the first chapter (divided in 3 parts here on lingq) there are about 500 blue words and about 270 yellow lingq which I made already earlier so it is a lot. I think I would not be able to read it as a paper book without help of lingq.

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.

I am not sure about that, 26000 words in German and yet I still struggle with Kafka’s works without help of lingq… newspapers are sometimes a bit tricky, too. It is easy to inflate your word count with German because there are so many different forms.

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I actually like to read novels pretty quickly, but I focus on the ones for teenagers when I start. Actually, I am already reading one in French even though I started learning it 1.5 month ago. It is really tricky at the beginning and I haven’t understood a thing, but when you get used to the author’s style it becomes much much easier.

Also, maybe it is just me but I don’t like going for translations. Most of the time you can feel that book was translated, rather than written in a language originally. I would suggest looking for something to read there :
Great blog post created by Vera, perhaps you will like some of these books. (Not that there is anything wrong with reading a book you already know, I just find reading native content more satisfying)

In my experience, the best way to first tackle reading books is by doing “comparative reading,” along with audio. In german this is super easy because of the wealth of translated content available on Amazon and Audible. It entails getting the book in both your target language and your native language and reading along side by side while listening to the audiobook in your target language. This method will give you the fastest result as far as acquiring vocab and gaining reading speed.

My apologies, I did not know that. Thanks!