Reading French magazines and need someone to record them


I learning French and have been using Lingq with good results thus far. I really enjoy reading on-line French magazines (with short articles that capture my varying interests).

I have of course uploading the text but would really like to have it recorded so I could listen to the articles on my ipod.

Can I use points for this? How much would it cost? Obviously since this is copywritten material I would not be allowed to share :frowning:

Thanks in advance,


Just start a thread on the forum, and post on your wall saying “willing to offer xxx points for recording in French”. Add links to the articles you want recorded to your wall post. Members who are interested can post their audio on your wall. You can import these into LingQ. If you add the audio file, and attach a URL, other members can also use the lesson, even if the lesson cannot be share in the Library. You may ask members who use these lessons to pay the next time or pay members for other recordings.

Great initiative!