Reading extensively

Hello, I’m able now in Spanish to read extensively the text on LingQ and work out the rest of the words through context. Everything I read sounds familiar, like I am reaidng English, and 90% of the time can follow a storyline to a book. What i would like to know, is it good to read extensively or am I just recognising the sounds of the language?

I’m not sure what you mean by the last part of your last sentence…

But as for extensive reading, that’s one of the foundational principles of Lingq, I believe (as well as extensive listening). Read, read, read…There is even research to back up that idea (if you’re into research!).

I think we need to read and listen intensively when we begin in a language, the same content over and over. Then as we progress we read and listen more and more extensively, covering more and more interesting content. Before we know it we have learned a lot, and not only the language.

I agree with Jingle and Steve. Besides, I’d add that if you enjoy reading, read! It’s very important to match the process of learning a language and the enjoyment you can get from it.

If you can follow the storyline, sure you are not “just recognising the sounds of the language”.

Questions: Do you read about stuff you like? do you read things that you’d read in your mother tongue?

It would be nice if you record yourself reading, on audio or video, and then we can give you some feedback.

Reading (and also an extensive reading) is a very enjoyable occupation and can enrich a great number your vocabulary. But if you would like to have an ‘active’ vocabulary, it would be very useful to retell a gist of the text that you had just read.