Read all the text and not only single words

Hi, I’m learning Spanish and I’ve been importing text found on internet. I appreciate hearing the lingq words when I click them, so I’m wondering if the whole text could also be read, and not only the words.

Since I don’t have audio files for my imported texts, that’d be nice to be able to hear it anyway using Lingq’s audio.


All shared lessons in have the audiofile and you can listen to the whole text. But of course not the texts from the internet. It’s impossible - there are billions and billions texts in the internet!.. Who will do it?!..

For free spanish texts with audio

I don’t think you understand! You should read my post again! Yes it’s possible!
Presently, in my imported spanish lessons, if I click a word, a woman pronounces the word. Any word.
So why not reading them all, if I’d click the play button, instead of single words?

I’ve already imported my texts in Lingq, and the system already read the words individually when I click on them, so why not activating the play button to read them all one after the other?

Did you import mp3 with your texts ?
Display a text and listen to its mp3.

No, I just copy-pasted some Spanish articles on internet that I want to understand. So since there are no mp3, Lingq could just play one word after the other to get the whole text read.

It does not work right now as far as I know. Would be a nice feature to implement thoug and it shouldnt be too difficult to put into action.

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You could create your own mp3 with google translate and audacity.

Yes, thanks for the idea. But why all that trouble when Lingq already have it? All we need is to activate that function in Lingq…

Yes! It does work! I just discovered today that with Lingq Android app, we can go in “Sentence” click on the speaker to hear all the words! :slight_smile: That’d be cool to offer it in the desktop version too.

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