I don’t often look at the Rankings tab under Friends, only when I want to see how I am doing in relation to my friends. I was intrigued to see that there are lots of stats available, not just Activity Points.

This must have happened overnight, I couldn’t possibly have overlooked anything as interesting as that…

Actually, these were added at the same time as the Rankings tab was added. It might’ve just been that since Activity Score is the default ranking selected that the other options weren’t as noticeable. Glad you’re enjoying the Rankings tab, though! :slight_smile:

Interesting as i cannot find this rankings tab. I looked at it recently, it was under the ‘friends’ tab at the top i think. Yet now there is no way to view the activity rankings. Yes i have searched every link on this site but to no avail.

Can someone shed some light as to where this section has gone? I’m confused…

Click on the Friends tab and you should be there. You can sort and search by different languages, countries, friends or all, etc. You can check Activities, Blogs and Rankings.

(Sorry, was typing when Steve posted.)

The rankings tab is strangely motivating.

Any chance of getting more statistics under there? Words known, lingqs learnt, submitted words written, etc?
Manually entered values would be rather difficult to allow, admittedly.

We’ve certainly thought about something like this. Perhaps in a future update. :slight_smile: