Randomly creating lingqs

I just upgraded to premium today. I am learning Portuguese. When I click on words to create linqgs, the selected as well as another word on the page turn yellow. When I click on the one that mistakenly turned yellow, another word turn yellow. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks.

No, I never saw this strange phenomenon.

Never seen that. Are the words separated or next to each other?

If next to each other…one thing you might want to watch out for is that some groups of words may get a box/grey background as you hover your cursor around them that allows you to click this grouping.
Usually these would be words that are often grouped together for a certain meaning…maybe you are click on this grouping accidentally? Make sure you click specifically on the word and not above or below it which might tend to select the grouping. I don’t think this happens typically with blue words though. Difficult to say without seeing what’s actually happening for you.

That’s very strange. Are you sure that’s not the same word on page? You can prevent auto LingQs creation if you disable that option under the Settings button (gear icon) on the home page, Reader settings tab.