Random Streak Loss?

I seem to have randomly lost my streak yesterday even though I did double my goal at 6:30am and 11:00pm that day. I not able to see my coins earned to show proof. I only see stats for known words and LingQs. Is it because I signed up for the Hardcore challenge so it started over? I just want some insight on how this happened. Maybe a LingQ support rep can look over my account and let me know.

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Sorry to hear that. I fixed your streak.
We will look into it. Please let me know if the same issue happens again.

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Thank you, Zoran!

After a bit of digging I was able to find the coins earned a day but it shows none earned for the day of the 27th. I do have pop-ups of that day for reaching my goal (that I shared with my friends) but it seems it did not save it to my account. It was there just before midnight that day since I checked but once the new day started, it did not show any progress for that day. I did do another hour of progress on my phone app which I used for the first time. That was after my goal was met though. I am just putting this infomration here incase it happens to anyone else.

As for the emails, I went back to an older email from LingQ and made sure my settings were allowing LingQ emails and also added LingQ as a contact so they are never filtered. Do you know the email in which lingQ sends warning and updates from so I can make sure they are a contact on my email?

You should be receiving all emails regularly from now on. I subscribed you back to our email system.

Thank you again, Zoran,

One last thing. I tried to follow a friend of mine so we can track our progress but it does not seem to be adding them to my “Following” section when I click “Follow” on their profile. Any ideas?

Hi Zoran,
I experienced the same thing last night with my Italian streak. It might have been because I was using the app while offline for a while. It automatically added the activity to the next day so now I can’t repair the streak since it’s already on day 1. Could you fix it for me?

@johnnyholland I fixed your Italian streak. :slight_smile:

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Hi Zoran,

Update: I checked after work today my progress before going to bed. Mind you, I did over two hours of studying today and went well over todays goal. It seems like all my progress for today has been deleted with ~3 hours remaining to meet my goal for today. I will attach pictures as proof of me hitting my goal although it will not include after my goal as my friend and I just share a snip of when we hit the goal.

Here is the other snip:

I found the issue. My account seems to have been reset to the incorrect timezone. I have set it back to America/NewYork (my timezone) and it seems to be displaying correctly. I am not sure why it got set to UTC.

Great, glad to hear you figured it out.