Radio programs with available texts

In the US, National Public Radio ( has both their radio programs and a transcript of their programs available in their archives. I’m sure it’s under copyright protection but that doesn’t mean English learners here can’t copy and paste the text of each article into a LingQ private lesson and then listen to NPR site while reading on LingQ.

I would like to know if there is such a thing available for European Portuguese. I’m now at 4000 Known Words but have run out of new LingQ lessons… (Because we will eventually live in Portugal, I am unwilling to listen to Brazilian Portuguese lessons until I have a much firmer foundation in sentence construction and pronunciation. For others the differences may be slight, but to me they are significant.)

I can easily Import news articles to keep reading and LingQing but that doesn’t keep my listening skills improving, which is what’s MOST important to me at the moment. For that, I’m resorting to having virtual voices read the news articles (I play the virtual voice on my iPad and record it to my computer to put through Audacity and then into LingQ). It’s not a great solution but better than nothing. For the virtual voices, I use two apps: Knowtilus Pro (which will read web sites aloud in the language of your choice, but the voices aren’t that great) and the iTranslate app (by Sonico Mobile). mfr suggested which has a better variety of virtual voices.

But, mostly, I’d love to find a radio site from Portugal that publishes transcripts of at least some of their shows. Any ideas? Thanks.

Have you tried If you provide them with a text, a native speaker will record it for you, I believe. (You would have to stress the European requirement, though.)

RTP is the only broadcasting station I know of.

Mary, I also asked this question a while ago. RTP has podcasts and texts, but they don’t match. Another broadcaster is TSF, with more podcasts but no transcripts.
I used to have my writings recorded, but all of them were recorded by Brazilians…

SanneT: Thanks for the lang-8 suggestion. I’ll check it out.

mikebond: I’ve found the podcasts for RTP and TSF and I listen regularly to both Atena 1 and TSF. Without a transcript, though, I don’t know a lot of what’s being said yet.

I read several of your posts in this Forum when I first joined, and so I was prepared for the fact that there is not enough material available here in European Portuguese. I have plenty to work on at this stage but was hoping for something like our NPR transcripts…

I have some ebooks in Portuguese in the Kindle app but the app didn’t allow copy/paste. Just downloaded the Kindle app to my computer and copy is allowed there. Still no audio but at least I now have more than just news articles to Import into LingQ.