Radiation levels in Tokyo area

Hey, i found this important twitter link.
This guy is tweeting geiger readings from Tokyo.


This guy is posting information about the nuclear reactors


This is also a useful graph of the radiation readings in Tokyo today…


This map is also pretty useful

I think the radiation levels are still in the “safe” range, but we need to keep an eye on them…

The distance map from Fukushima Nuclear Plants No.1
地図をクリックすると どんどん大きくなります。
click the map and then the map will be bigger.

Put the city name in the following site, you can find out the distance from the Fukushima nuclear plants to the city on the map.
調べたい地名を入力すると 福島原発からの距離がわかります。
英語でも日本語でもOK (in Japanese or in English)

The Situation in Japan (Updated 04/07/11) U.S. Department of Energy http://bit.ly/eA3Iie (http://blog.energy.gov/content/situation-japan)

Hey guys!

I wanted to study in Japan next year, do you think this situation will be solved then?


Probably not.

The situation will take many years to solve. But things will be much better under control in a year. I don’t think you would have much to worry about if you come.