Quicklingqs and google translate

“Google Translate has been integrated into a button so that if there are not at least 3 User Hints, the Google Translate translation can be chosen”

Will this be available through quick lingqs as well. I hope so!

It is on our list. I am waiting for it too.

how much faster do you need to LingQ? I would say mousing over blue words and clicking the google hint is equally easy.

One advantage is that if you don’t have too many new words you can LingQ them without reading the text and then read on iLingQ.

@doo I am using it on the iPad and iPhone, having it work in quick lingqs avoids the iPhone from opening another browser window and then copy, paste, switch browser window and/or type word. All of this could be replaced with one tap. @Steve Are you waiting/hoping for this like me…“LingQ words and phrases on the computer if you LingQ the words first and then the phrases, but then the saved phrases do not show up on iLingQ?”

I just made a test: how good is Google Translate for LingQ-ing French terms and creating German hints.

In total I checked 32 terms. 40% of the hints were OK, 25% were so-so or partly correct, and 35% were wrong or unusable.

So about 60% of the hints must be reworked.

The sad news is that you must use an online dictionary, otherwise you will learn a lot of wrong stuff.

Details of the test (in German): http://bit.ly/kpEfXM

Google Translate is surprisingly good for Russian, even for whole phrases. I noticed it can even translate the names of the characters in Terry Pratchett books eg Chudacully → Ridcully. I don’t know how it does that.

I think for me “Google Translate” is just helpful for individual words so i probably can’t get the right meaning of the entire phrase i want to translate, Maybe because every word has many meanings especially in my native language which is Arabic

@skyblueteapot - I guess that must be because users actually add the translations in manually, it’s possible to do that on GTranslate, you can add your own suggested translations :slight_smile:

@Armia - I’ve tried GTranslate for Arabic → English and it’s not that bad, better than nothing. I don’t know about the other way around.

By the way when i said my native language is Arabic i meant that i translate from any other language into Arabic.