QuickLingQ View not saving phrases

I thought I’d give QuickLingQ View a try as I’d heard it was good, however, I’ve found that if I add a hint to a word via QuickLingQ View, no phrase is saved to go with it. Is this intentional? Under the Standard View (that I usually use) this doesn’t happen, so I thought I’d query it.

I’m not sure if it would affect this, but I was using it on an imported Japanese lesson.

I haven’t used QuickLingQ recently, but I remember having that problem too. Also with Japanese.

Mine is working OK (Swedish)

Thanks for the info, dooo and keke_eo - maybe it’s just the language that I’m trying to use it with…

Annoyingly, I only gave it a go because something has gone wrong and is stopping the mouse-over working in the Standard View.

I’m having this problem too - mouse-over lingqing has stopped working…

There does seem to be something strange going on here, though it appears to be working properly for other languages. In any case, thanks for the heads up. We’ll take a look into this.

@customic - that’s interesting, I wasn’t sure if it was just me as I’d been changing my settings on my browser this evening. I’ve just tried it on Internet Explorer (instead of Firefox 10) and the same is happening. No mouse-over LingQing and QuickLingQ not saving the phrase (not sure if the two are connected, but as customic isn’t studying Japanese, I’m guessing the mouser-over issue is a different issue).

@alex - Thanks for seeing this and responding so quickly

The popups was a different issue which should now be fixed.

Yes, the popup problem is now solved. Thank you!

Thanks a lot for resolving the error with the pop-ups so quickly, Alex!

Sure thing! Without the popups, the lesson page is nothing more than a fancy reader :wink:

@Lyise - This should now be fixed. If you notice any other issues here, be sure to let us know.

Sorry Alex, I completely missed your response. Thanks a lot for this - I’ve just given it a go and it works perfectly.

Glad to hear it!

I am finding that the phrase does not match the word in the QuickLingQ view. In fact, the phrase for a given target word is the phrase for the following word, and so on. This is in Japanese.

I am not finding this in Czech but I tried a Japanese lesson and it seems to be doing strange things there. Thanks .

Is it still possible to “QuickLingq”? I can’t seem to find that functionality anywhere on the most current version of LingQ.

@gregf - you can save phrases hovering over with your mouse. This functionality is not available on tablets though.