Quicker Way Delete Imported Lessons

I may need to cancel my subscription soon, but I know it won’t let me downgrade unless I have under five imported lessons. Is there a faster way to delete them than one by one?

You can downgrade without canceling your subscription. Just contact support and we will help you out.

I need to downgrade to a free account. Is there a way to do that without deleting 145 imported lessons?

@brichardson2x - Sure, we can do this from the back end if you like. Let me know.

@brichardson2x - My apologies, I misread your post. It is not possible to keep your 145 imported lessons when downgrading. The reason this is the case is that Free accounts are limited to 5 privately imported lessons. This limit applies to all Free accounts, regardless of whether you previously had an upgraded account or not.

So, I’ll need to go through them one by one and delete them all? Or is there a way to delete them all in one go?

@brichardson2x - We don’t have a direct way to delete all private imports, but this is what we can do from the back end (and what I was referencing in my post above). Let me know if you would like me to go in and clear out your imports.

Ook. Got ya. If you could clear them out for me that would be great.

@brichardson2x - You should be good to go now :slight_smile:

Much thanks

@brichardson - That sucks you have to downgrade. It looks like you’ve made a lot of progress in the last few months.

@alex - It would be nice if it was easier to delete lessons. I have so many imported lessons and only a portion of them are lessons I might want to view again. Those I want to view again get buried in with the lessons I don’t want.


make different courses with your imported lessons.So you will find the actual quickly!


@jolanda - I’ve been trying to put my imported lessons in courses lately. It helps somewhat. LingQ has made it rather easy to archive lessons but significantly more time consuming to delete those lessons. I assume there is some reason they don’t want users deleting lessons… it used to be a much quicker process to delete lessons. For example, I have almost 200 “quick import” lessons that I’ve only read once and I never intend to read most of them again. To me, it seems pointless to keep them so the only thing they do is make it harder to find the lessons I am looking for.


Most of my Quick import I delete immediately after reading.

According to my account, I have imported 606 lessons. Most of these are newspaper articles imported with the quick import bookmarklet. I never read any of these more than once. Jolanda, how do you delete the lessons? Is there a quick way?

@ Alex - wouldn’t it be easier to make it such that when people downgrade, they can keep their imported lessons? I doubt many people would upgrade just so they could import a load of lessons, and then downgrade. The reading interface in the free version is useless anyway so there would be no point.

Yeah I wish I didn’t have to downgrade, this was the most progress at LingQ since a year ago. I plan on coming back as soon as I have the money though, LingQ has become a habit and an addiction.

From my experience, there is no quick way for you personally to delete your lessons. The only way I could do it was to go to import page and delete one. Reload. Delete another. I wish it was possible to just delete a collection.

Also, I was thinking the same thing about the letting everyone keep the imported lessons. Without the ability to create new LingQs they are essentially useless. I suppose its a storage space issue.

@ brichardson2x

I guess what one could do would be to upgrade, import a gigantic amount of stuff, including books and whatnot, go through and create all the LingQs for them, and then downgrade and read them all over the course of the next few months. I am not sure how much of a danger this really is.

@cgreen0038, brichardson2x - You can actually delete multiple lessons without having to refresh the page. I’m on the My Lessons page in this screencast, but it works the same in My Imports: http://screencast.com/t/JyqqSbyAJ