Quick text correction


I have a new job, and I often need to write in english.
So, to help me with my writting, I need to find a tutor who can do quick text correction.
It’s a research-development compagny, sometime, it’s more than every day english.
The tutor has to have experience with business English.

Do you have someone to recommand?
Thank you!


Hi Suzanne,

Sorry it took so long to respond. We have many great tutors and it’s really going to be up to you to try a few and decide who you like best. Or, you can continue to use different correctors as much as you like. Go to the Friends search page and choose English correctors - http://bit.ly/kM8t1c, then you will see the list of available tutors. Then, you can take a look at their bios and decide who to submit your writing to.

Good luck!